Quality Assurance

Enterprise Commercial Cleaning supports our clients by enhancing communications to improve overall service delivery. We understand that keeping our customers happy is an ongoing process, therefore we implement different procedures to effectively provide the level of care expected. We work with the client to meet these goals through feedback. We schedule walk throughs / meetings /phone calls with clients to ensure any problems are corrected in a timely manner.

The services we offer are to ensure each component of our quality assurance program meets our individual customer’s needs.

Supervision for Satisfaction

Once we're contracted to do the job, our supervisors consistently visit your facility to ensure the cleaning is the first-class service you seek. We go above and beyond to fix problems and meet your expectations. We take pride in providing extensive quality assurance to offer our clients peace of mind. This is implemented by supervisors making visits to the accounts to check for any areas that need improvements with the cleaning crew. Our Quality Assurance team also does ratings of our cleaners. We focus on our customers concerns but we also listen to our cleaners. The holistic approach entails our open communication policy is to encourage our cleaners to communicate any issues/concerns they may have to their supervisors, so the issues/concerns are addressed, and the cleaners get what they need to facilitate the job.

Work Orders

We utilize a customized software, which is a fully integrated online system customer relations management. The system allows us to contribute to every aspect of our operational process by tracking efficiency, productivity, customer retention and satisfaction to serve each customer’s needs better. By creating a more agile digital workplace it gives us more times to concentrate on what matters, your satisfaction.

Customer Service Support

We are here for our clients 24/7 to address any concerns you may have. We ensure our team is trained on how to address concerns and provide information regarding our services.