After Hours Cleaning

After Hours Cleaning

We understand the difficulty of managing a business and finding the time to perform the cleaning of your facility. At Enterprise Commercial Cleaning, we make sure that your premises are maintained regardless of your operating hours. More often than not, the standard industry operating hours can limit the ability of a cleaning team to provide a professional cleaning service. We offer after hours cleaning to ensure that your premises are spotless no matter the hours that your employees work.

We have a wealth of experience working with businesses to efficiently organize after-hours cleaning service, making use of the time in which premises are not used or unoccupied in order to provide a fantastic professional clean. This includes facilities such as schools, offices, small and large businesses. We make sure to clean at the most convenient time, working efficiently to ensure the workplace is disinfected and spotless.

We help any businesses needing after hours cleaning in Bay Shore, Hauppauge,  Deer Park, Farmingdale, Bohemia, Plainview, Babylon, Islandia and Bohemia to get the best after hours cleaning possible.

How Our Service Works

This service can be scheduled after an initial consultation, either in person or over the phone. We will discuss your janitorial maintenance needs in detail and gain an understanding of your facility. This consultation may involve questions about the size of the workplace as well as the details of the areas you would like us to clean. Post consultation, our team will design a cleaning plan that suits your company needs.

Our team will promptly arrive at an agreed time to provide a professional clean. Making use of the best technology in the industry, combined with professional training, we can clean large areas without having to spend hours doing so. We make sure to clean more than just the surface dirt. We clean in locations people may not necessarily look, ensuring that workplaces are completely cleaned and disinfected.

After hours cleaning is usually performed after 5:00 P.M. and can be arranged daily, weekly or monthly depending on your business needs. We understand that at times businesses may require more regular cleaning services. We have the ability to cater to such needs, ensuring that our cleaning crews are always available to any changes in schedule.