Disinfecting Services

For as long as we have been around, we are proud to provide a clean, disinfected and germ-free work environment for all our customers. In light of the recent Coronavirus pandemic, we are aware of the importance and necessity to provide a sanitized and safe workplace to every place of business. Enterprise Commercial Cleaning follows CDC and EPA guidelines, recommendations, and products. Our two-step cleaning procedure starts off by cleaning first and disinfecting after. We proudly serve Bay Shore, Hauppauge, Deer Park, Farmingdale, Bohemia, Plainview, Babylon, Islandia and Bohemia.

Our dedicated team use EPA approved PH neutral industrial-grade disinfectant solution that provides prolonged protection against germs and bacteria. It adheres to the surface preventing the spread of infection for longer periods of time. This solution is applied through a spray bottle and can be used in all industries and sprayed on high traffic touch-points. These areas include but are not limited to common areas, restrooms, doors, elevators phones, desks, keyboards, cabinets and floors. We follow the recommended dwell time and wipe clean. It is a safe procedure that allows immediate access to the area and is effective against other communicable diseases as well.

Every cleaning project, our team uses the correct personal protective equipment. As a result, we can clean every surface without placing our cleaners at risk. Our hospital-grade disinfection solutions are used on all surfaces, killing all bacteria and viruses instantly. Alongside surfaces, we also tackle bacteria buildup in hard to access locations throughout your facility. For example, within an office environment, we disinfect all areas of the room including under chairs, tables and keyboards. We take the time and effort to clean every single area of your facilities, even if the areas are not frequently in use. By doing this, we can prevent any buildup of harmful bacteria, whilst also ensuring that your office looks its best for clients and staff.

The current onset of COVID-19, disinfecting your workplace has never been more important. Our disinfecting services are available on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis to ensure your workplace maintains virus free. This will allow your employees to work confidently knowing that their workplace is free from potential risks and therefore will improve overall workplace happiness and morale. If your office operates during the day, we are more than happy to disinfect the area at night to ensure your employees can return to a clean, vibrant office after each clean.

With such efficient disinfecting services, we are able to reduce any downtime by performing our services outside of your working hours. We are able to operate when your staff are at home, or when your daily procedures are running at their slowest. This allows us to disinfect all surfaces that have been in contact with your team, providing you with a germ-free environment.

Contact us today and discover how our disinfecting services can help your workplace remain clean and free from bacteria.