About Us

About the Owner

The owner of Enterprise Commercial Cleaning worked for a period of 8 years as an account manager for a large national cleaning company. He then started his own cleaning business. The owner gained expertise by learning the ins and outs of the industry, including common mistakes and issues large companies run into when subcontracting. As his knowledge grew so did the direction of his business to provide effective janitorial services that is sorely lacking in the cleaning industry.

Having that knowledge, it was clear the importance of directing resources into supervision, equipment, routine quality control and inspection. The owner then tailored his experience to provide proactive measures to ensure consistent high level cleaning becoming in the end the ultimate cleaning contractor, hence, Enterprise Commercial Cleaning.

Supervision for Satisfaction

Once we're contracted to do the job, our supervisors consistently visit your facility to ensure the cleaning is the first-class service you seek. We go above and beyond to fix problems and meet your expectations. We take pride in providing extensive quality assurance to offer our clients peace of mind.